Transform your relationship with stress,
and get what you truly want in life.

Draw money, happiness and success to you magically.

Have the most fulfilling, joyful and passionate relationships ever.

Create the life of your dreams, without trying very hard at all.

Your Ratio is all wrong!!

In order to even NOTICE things are going well in your life you need atleast 3:1 postive:negative ratio.  And with years of conditioning to be "average to numb to sad" in our emotions, you need some help to get to the magical 7:1 ratio that leads to magic manifestation.  

In this 6 week eCourse you'll be given the tools and the support to live in a space of pure joy BEFORE your dreams manifest. Aka, get your (butt) IN THE VORTEX!

Get the support you need to impliment our JoyGasmic life hacks, clear out old baggage, and jump start your highest Joy and Manifestation, so you can live as the powerful creator you came here to be! 

The JoyGasm Manifestation Group is a very specific, step by step process, that guarantees, not only more energy, vitality, power, confidence and joy. But also that you’ll be closer to your dreams, re-awakened your belief in manifestation (and blown the roof off what you thought was possible), and have some amazing practices under your belt to help you tackle the stresses and joys of being human.

Are you Called? Start now. 

Because we believe in fast and powerful results, the course comes in 8 Segments, delivered over 10 weeks.

  1. Intention – Connect with your true desires, where your life is, and what you’d like to create.
  2. JoyGasm & Gratitude & Gasm (2 min daily practice)
  3. JoyGasm & Action & Allowing (2 min daily practice)
  4. One Week Break for Integration and Private Sessions - JoyGasm Sensuality Activation Sessions
  5. JoyGasm & Source and Sexuality (2 min daily practice)
  6. JoyGasm & Money & Mindset (2 min daily practice)
  7. Extension – Celebrate the heck out of what you created. You powerful manifestor you! (and create a plan for you to continue to play at this high level)

In addition to you’ll also get:

  • Lifetime access to over 30 video exercises that are yours to keep and use whenever you want
  • New friends and accountability partners for life!
  • Access to a intimate online FB group for members of the JGM
  • A video broadcast of the daily 15 minute JoyGasm Transmission

Things people have created (and more!)

  • Relaxation and ease in relationships that were previously stressful
  • Laughter that ripples out and spreads through life
  • Energetic orgasms (and lots of them)
  • Life Partners, Soul Mates, and Lovers
  • New work opportunities ($2000+ in 2 weeks)
  • Dream jobs show up in your inbox
  • A new joyful outlook on life
  • Powerful change towards daily habits that support you
  • A feeling of confidence and self esteem
  • Releasing self hatred, doubt, and loathing
  • Unexpected money found or gifted ($500! gotta love that one!)

What Participants Are Saying

I honestly think she’s the next big thing in manifestation/metaphysical science. Her techniques are amazing. - Layla Messner of

– Rosanna Sardella of

I got caught up in such a whirl wind of bliss. You’re an amazing teacher. You are knowledgeable and are offering something unique. As an energy person I can vouch and say you were amazing today! – Danny

Your system of Tantra/Sex Magick is clearly just what I have been looking for. Colors seem brighter, I’m less self conscious and gaining confidence by the minute. I’m growing emotionally. I’m growing up on the inside. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The workshop was extremely helpful and I can see positive changes in my career. Anyway, traffic was bad and I didn’t plan my route very well so ended up getting stressed out. When I got home, I did your exercises and I feel so much better!

Since attending your party, I keep finding surprise stashes of (forgotten? Universe-gifted?) cash in pockets. Thanks for reconnecting me with manifestation. Love to you! – Amber

Roxanne Mousseau of

Before JGM I was open to new experiences. During JGM I flowed and was pulled into my body. Now, I have access to whole new part of me. A conduit that opened something. What?

Before. Nervous. Not sure what to expect. Worried that I would do something inappropriate or that I would regret. During: Exciting, Fun, Silly, Childlike, Intense, Passionate, Soul Searching, Exhilarating, Arousing and Elevating. Now: Relaxed, reflective, more peaceful, happier than I was before, and curious to do more!

You’ll have more fun than you’ve had in a LOOONG time! It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before. You gotta try it. It’ll open you up!

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