What does your most authentic self look like?
How do you choose and create Healthy Happiness Habits that set your life on fire? 
How do you find the courage to show up as YOU and be a rockstar in life, business and bed?

I’ve been involved in personal development and healing work for years, what I found is that most of it: 

  • Takes a lot of time and is boring
  • Needs someone else to be there to do it for you
  • Has mixed results in the long term
  • Doesn't shut up the nasty voices in your head
  • Requires you to trust in the process, instead of feel the process.

Learning to JoyGasm you'll be able to spend 30 seconds to 2 minutes, in the moment that you needed it, to shift the way you are feeling, and get back into positive space.  So you can be a rockstar in business, a fantastic friend, lover and parent, and feel happy and alive in your life.

I will be your guide through every step of the process.

In 6 weeks you'll learn to transform your relationship with stress for the JoyGasmicly better.

Welcome to JoyGasm: A Life of Ecstasy at Your Fingertips.  I our work together you'll be guided one on one to connect with your JoyGasmic Potential, learn to trust and dive into your JoyGasm.  That thing that makes you feel MOST alive.  

Together we'll create mastery of the JoyGasm practice, give you tools to ballance out that crazy rollercoaster emotions, and explore the subtle energies at play for your highest bliss and joy.  

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