Find your Inner Peace, Ballance and Healthy Boundaries with your Child

Hi, I'm Elena Harder and I've helped dozens of moms improve their relationships with their children, release the cycles of guilt, shame, worry and fear about their parenting, and make quantum breakthroughs in the flow of their days with their children.  So they can live their lives full of energy, persue their passions, and have the energy to nurture love and romance with their Mr. Right!   I can do the same for you.  Click the button below to start a completely free Mom-Breakthrough session with me.  In our session you'll discover how to 

  • Create a few simple tweaks to turn your most stressful moments into your most powerful self care habits.
  • Master your emotions so you can stay sane, loving and happy throughout your busy day.
  • Release guilt and shame about the "mistakes" you've made as a parent.
  • Create healthy days, so that when the kids are asleep, you have the energy to connect deeply with your partner, or nurture yourself. 

Ps.  If you have a friend who on the outside seems to have it all together, but secretly confides in you that they are struggling, a single mom, or overworked business woman, or someone who just always gives gives gives. If you know someone who's marriage is on the rocks, or is recently divorced, and struggling. If you have a friend (or stranger) who is passionate about their contribution to the world, and struggles with the huge pressures that creates, please be the bridge, and connect us by sending them this page.   We all deserve peace and healthy relationships. 

I would love to help them.