Book Club 10 Pack – Sacred Sexy Self Love


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You'll Also Get 10 Free copies of the online companion, and a group manifestation workbook

After 5 years in an abusive relationship, I turned a new leaf and set out to heal my life. In this book I'll share the story, the inner journey, and walk you through an easy process to integrate the simple techniques that even your depressed and lethargic self can use to create joy, power, and purpose in a life that seems hopeless, dark, and like a never ending groundhog day of suffering.

You'll also get Tips, Tricks & Tools: to shut your brain the f*ck up, turn pain into joy, heartbreak into opportunity, and stress into a source of power. Discovering your truth, how to speak that truth, heal relationships and create healthy boundaries with people who used to walk all over you.

Creating the Future: I'm on a mission to empower people to claim their power in life, master their emotions, and live their JoyGasm. I'm also creating space for single mom's and families to live the life of their dreams, travel and build international community. Get on the step-by-step path so you can experience freedom like never before.

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