JoyGasm is asking Conscious Leaders to share their practices of Self Love​ that help them stay strong, focused and powerful as they champion their mission to change the world. 

If you only had 10 minutes a day for Self Care, what would you DO?

Dawn DelVecchio Business mentor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Astrologer, Tarot pro & Best-Selling Author.

In right relation with my Soul

Heart Breathing, Bringing my heart and mind in right relation with my Soul, drink pure water, brush my teeth, moisturize my skin (I live in the desert) and stretch or do a few yoga asanas for my spine.

What is your take on self-love? Why is it important, and what's the most powerful way you've found to do it?

Loving Self is essential. Without self-love we don't have what it takes to love others. Self-love is the very opposite of what we would see as inconsiderate self-importance or selfishness. Self Love is self honoring and self respect. It is recognizing our intrinsic worthiness of love and care. For me, Self-Love has been a process of reclaiming as I deeply heal and clear early childhood and past life patterns set in place which stood between me and my awareness of my eternal, divine self.

What is your biggest struggle in your relationships right now? How has that changed since you started learning about self-love?

Biggest struggle has been with receiving my man's love for me. When I am not in the place of self-love, I cannot receive. I tend, then, to live in the future (worrying) and cannot relax into receptivity. The more I reclaim my right to life and love, the more able I am to be in the present, to receive love and to be available for sex more often too.

What's the most important skill you've learned to help you deal with the challenges of being in relationships?

Non-Violent Communication

What has been the biggest unexpected challenge you've had in creating your great work in the world?

A subconscious fear from a previous life which kept me "hiding out" as a writer instead of claiming my Soul's Sacred Calling as a Leader once again.

Elena's Thoughts: 

Learning to love yourself lets other people love you more!  I totally identify with what Dawn said about her biggest struggle.  “receiving my man’s love for me. When I am not in the place of self-love, I cannot receive. I tend, then, to live in the future (worrying) and cannot relax into receptivity.”  I’ve found this to be true, and sometimes it as simple as changing my focus to “how can I be more open” or opening my eyes when I’m feeling triggered and angry to see that the face looking at me is actually quite loving and I just can’t feel it right now.

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Elena Harder. Courage Catalyst, LifeStyle Artist and Joy Hacker. Elena created JoyGasm to heal her experience of postpartum depression, self sabotage, overworking, people pleasing, and an abusive alcoholic relationship. Since then she’s helped hundreds of others meet their JoyGasmic Self to heal broken hearts, remove negative self talk, eliminate stress, fear and depression, and bring immense joy into daily life. Her current personal records for longest standing greeting hug is 22 minutes, longest continuous solo laugh 26 minutes, and longest collaborative laugh at 1 hour 45 minutes!