Full Self Expression is JoyGasm on Earth

It’s real, and you are ready to experience it.


Winter JoyGasm Retreats in Sayulita Mexico

I am inviting you to be part of an elite group! You are here magical friend, to experience life as you’ve never imagined it.

Immersive, integrative, trans-formational experience of a lifetime.

Horseback Rides, Moonlight, Sunsets, Palm Trees, Massage, Fruity Drinks. Surf Bums.. Delicious Organic Eating.  Ocean View Rooftop. Surfing Pelicans. JoyGasm Play, Sandcastles, Pillow Fights. and of course, lots of time in the SUN!


By Reservation Only … November 2014 – May 2015

Give yourself a week(or more) to really relax into what the most authentic YOU looks like and what you REALLY want to do with your life..  So that you are living heaven on earth every day.

Picture it! 7 of your favorite days.  All inclusive.  Airport Transfer, Organic Prepared Breakfast, Spending money daily. JoyGasm, Surfing, Beach Art, Ocean Yoga.

Every day we will have 2, 1.5 hour sessions of exploration of your pleasure. And I am available to trouble shoot at other times if needed.  You are always supported and loved at the Center for Extatic Transformation (that’s what I call my house)

Your 7 day magical experience, is Normally $3977. If you book your spot before October 30th, I offer a $800 discount for a total price of $3077 for this all inclusive sensuous and invigorating life experience.

 Read more about the Magical Pueblo of Sayulita



B&B Sayulita Mexico Transformation Retreat Center


Situated in Magical Sayulita Mexico (45 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport),  a week end with Elena Harder of is a transformational experience.

Sayulita is a surf/tourist town, and huge vortex for cool expats, conscious yogi’s (8 yoga studios for 3000 people? lol), and magical creation, a haven to step into the magical being you are meant to be.

Welcome to an Experience you’ll never forget!

We work in the mornings, and play in the afternoons!! Life is easy, fun, and I’ll show you the sights of the town, as well as some things you didn’t think you knew about yourself!!

In Mexico Benefits:

  • 6 Nights of accommodation at my lovely beach side house
  • Pickup from the airport, and return taxi fair.
  • 4 days of yoga
  • 2 massages
  • 2 surf Lessons
  • 1 horse back adventure!
  • 3 hours of in person transformational work with me every day.
  • A vacation!
  • A business write off (yes, your vacation is a business expense now, and you can bring your family if you want)
  • Beachside living,
  • Seeing what it’s like to really live the life!

You’ll also get a chance to:

  • Live your dream beach life,
  • Deepen into love with your beloved self,
  • Explore playfulness, self love, financial abundance, decadent self care, and gorgeous authenticity.
  • Rejuvenate
  • and step into being even more pleasure filled YOU!.

I invite you to come and spend a week in retreat. Experiencing new things, and re-wiring who you think you are.  Upgrade your life, rock your dreams, and meet people you never imagined. Each of our guests is a phenomenal person, with an amazing mission, here to change the world.


With the magic of Sayulita behind you, you can become anyone you desire.


Interested??? Here’s what’s next:

Fill out our Contact Form We will check to make sure we’re a good fit, and answer any questions you might have.  We’ll also discuss when my next open slot is I`m only offering 2 per month, November – May in any given year.

If you’re super excited, you can call me right now (I love the power of the pull to work together NOW. I get it! Call me at  1 403 383 8758)

  Read more about the Magical Pueblo of Sayulita


If you are a coach thinking about doing a retreat or VIP program this year.  I have a  beach side space, and can help take care of all the ground work.  Come play with us!  Ask for more details above!

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