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I’m freaking crazy excited to talking to you soon!!!   Below is some information on how to help get THE BEST podcast for you. Have a read and let me know if you have questions.

1. Read the information below

2. Submit your bio and contact info

3. Book your call time.

Our Hot Topics

I got a hold of you to be on the podcast because I think you have something fantastic to say on one of my three topics of interest.  If you'd like to stear the conversation in one direction please let me know, and we can always schedule follow up interviews to talk about each of these subjects separately if you'd like, and if the listeners love you! 

Life Hacks: daily habits that rock, joy hacks, spiritual hacks, peak states, altered states, synchronicity, flow and magic,

Conscious Relationship: Tantra, conscious sexuality, evolving sexuality, living a sensual life, conscious parenting, sharing a single mom/parent journey, healing from abortion, abuse, heartbreak, additiction.

Courageous Living: entrepreneur life, epic travel stories, nomad life, lifestyle design, evolutionary entrepreneurship, finding the courage to follow your dreams, the most amazing thing you’ve ever done.

Our discussion can be as PG as travel plans, as deep as your biggest secret, or as XXX hot as the last sexy encounter you had, or the best orgasm you ever experienced.  You can talk about the epic mushroom trip you had last week, or the time your heart broke in Ibitha.  I always put a "rating" at the beginning of each interview to let people know how explicit the content is.  I love to get deep, dirty raw and spicy if you're willing, that really depends on how vulnerable you're willing to be to the world. 🙂 (no pressure) ​

Podcast Bio and Info

Simple FAQ

Calls are 1 hour, if the call is slightly shorter, I may grab a clip from an upcoming episode and use the remaining space to promo that episode.  ​

1. Your Microphone

If you have an external microphone for podcasting, that's awesome.  If not, please find a headset, something like the Apple headphones (earpods), or if you have it a proper USB microphone. (Please do NOT count on your laptop mic, this is not sufficient for good call quality).  Also the quieter the room you are in while you make the recording the better. 

2. Photo, Bio and Background

Minimum 72 hours before our call email [email protected] your prefered headshot, an intro bio.  Also make sure you have a "Listener Lead Page" setup, which is wherever you're wanting listeners to go to learn more about you, this could be your homepage, contact page, or a specific leadpage.

Optional: Help me get to know you by sending 3 links to a website page/podcasts/articles you've written recently that you think I should be brushed up on before we talk   If you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask you, send those over too!  

3. Pre Call Pump Up

Set aside 5 minutes before our call where you can PUMP it up.  Jump around, do a meditation, find your groove, get excited about what you're doing.  I want you to show up full of life, energy and your best self.   If you're not able to show up from your best space, we can ALWAYS reschedule.  

4. Recording the audio

I will record the Skype conversation, but it would be great if you could record what you’re saying onto your computer too. This would allow me using your unscrambled voice, from before it went through Skype. That’ll make us sound like we’re sitting next to each other 🙂

Send me the file

The file can be quite large, so you can’t simply send it to me via email. Use a service like Dropbox or WeTransfer for sending them to me. Please send it to: [email protected]

See you on Skype! 

Awesome. Please email me at [email protected] to let me know if you have any questions.
We can take 5-10 minutes at the start of the call to discuss any questions you might have. 

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