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Elena Harder 
Founder and JoyGasm Catalyst

Over 80% of our growth comes through great testimonials and referrals from people like you!

We all have a friend who on the outside seems to have it all together, but is secretly struggling.  JoyGasm is here to help!  We've created The I LOVE YOU Experiment to help these people, with a small simple action that takes 1 minute a day.  

It's the perfect tool to send to a friend who confides in you that they are struggling as a single mom, or overworked business woman, or someone who just always gives gives gives.  If you know someone who's marriage is on the rocks, or is recently divorced, and struggling. If you have a friend who is passionate about their contribution to the world, and struggles with the huge pressures that creates, please be the bridge, and connect us.

We would LOVE to help them.  

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You know how you told me you've been feeling a lot of heavy emotions recently/feeling stuck in your life, and not sure how to move past them.  I just went to a JoyGasm class and it's totally shifted things for me.  I never knew it was possible to feel so connected, calm, alive and turned on all at the same time!  They are sharing with people like you and I to help us learn to love ourselves deeply, and they gave me a free mini course to share with you.  


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I just had my first JoyGasm!  I highly recommend you come and try it too!  In the workshop you'll learn about how to hack your body to harness the natural joy and pleasure energies of your brain and body, allowing you to create immense joy, inner peace, and passion on command. So you can radically love yourself, show up authentically, experience powerful peak states as a part of every day life.   Find the next event here

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