How do you truly learn to love yourself? 

This 60 second practice that will stop the endless cycle of "healing" and"processing" give you something practical to do that will help
you actually FEEL a sence of peace and deep love for yourself.

Get What You Need to Start Self Love Today

  1. Step by step instructions to use this simple and life changing 1 minute self love tool
  2. Practical instructions, on how to use this tool to rescue yourself from the "omg why I am I doing this, I QUIT" days,
  3. Be part of a growing Self Love Tribe that are dedicated to self love, self care, showing up fully in the world, and owning our collective greatness, and creating the new way of life for humanity on earth. 

As a change agent, when you get turned around and pointing in the downward spiral, you tend to go really really far into it.  

That can lead to depression, "the blahs", a desire to do NOTHING, quit your dream, and lay around on the couch for hours a day watching your favorite guilty pleasure show, while eating something less than high vibe. 

We've all been there.
The question is, how long will you STAY there?

Just 2 years ago, my life was a lie.  People thought I was happy, because I put on a good face.  But on the inside I lived a nightmare.  Paralyzed by self doubt, a secret constant self loathing, and although I had big dreams, I would constantly self sabotage to the point of not returning emails from people who wanted to work with me for months on end.

I want to tell you this, because I've been there, and there is hope. When you're in a creative depression, you don't want to do ANYTHING, and it feels like it will never change.  

I'm here to tell you it can.

For me it all turned around in less than 6 months, with dedication to the tiny practices I created for myself. 

Seeing their power in my own life, I started sharing with my friends.   I now share these practices with people like you wherever I go.

Elena Harder
Founder of

The answer of how to get back on track with your Destiny is right here in front of you.  Congratulations on asking for help!  That takes courage!!!

This first practice is only 60 seconds from start to finish, which is a length of time you CAN talk yourself into it when you're in a funk or super depressed, and don't want to do anything.

Watch the video, try it, and then decide if you are going to commit to a week of this practice. Let me know how it goes.

What You’ll Get When You Join Us Today:

  • Self Love 21 Day Experiment 
  • A breakdown of the science behind this technique
  • A love letter every day for the first 7 days, to help you get a great start and supercharge your practice
  • A weekly check in email to help you stay on track
  • The most powerful, practical tool to practice self love.
  • Giggles, Laughter, and Fun along the way
  • Access to the private Facebook Page where people share their wins in this and other JoyGasmic Experiements

Everything you want for your life,
is on the other side, of loving yourself MORE. - Elena Harder

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This 1 Minute Tool Saves Lives

One day on Facebook, I got a message from a random stranger, that looked like this...

Elena. Can you extend a helping hand? I need a quick pull and a push from behind:) can you give me a start point in where to begin on finding alignment and getting in the flow of why I am here and what I was put here to do?

I'm fearing if I spiral down any further I won't be able to get back up.

I don't use drugs or abuse alcohol but I'm so depressed and out of the flow of my intended life that death sounds like a wonderful escape. I'm Not suicidal I'm just desperate to live life again. Is there anything you can share that may be helpful? Thx for anything you are able to share.


I sent her this page, and 4 Hours Later...

Whhewww! I was so close to a nosedive back into depression. Thank you Elena. I believe that was a divine intervention from the universe 🙂 Your video had me smiling and laughing and giving myself the much needed love that has been so absent from my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm going to make the commitment to do it everyday and I'll let you know how I am doing. Can't thank you enough!


And her One Week Follow Up Message that had me in Tears.. 

Funny how when you raise yourself up what beautiful beings you align yourself with 🙂 Every morning on my way to work I bring up your smiling face and laugh my way to work. If I don't get to give myself kisses b4 I leave the house I take the time in the bathroom mirror and give myself much needed love.

I believe I have loved myself into being healthy and now with your system I'm raising my everyday state of BEING! I have seen remarkable changes in myself. Not only have I seen them but others are noticing. I received a job offer last week from a very successful woman and then the next day a promotion from my boss. Not only did I receive a promotion but he also went around the office saying wonderful things about me to others! His assistant told me that I must be making a great impression because he rarely does that:):)

Who knows how high I'll fly once I learn how to give myself a JoyGasm!! Lmao:):) Girl we'll have to meet in that space because I think I'm going to have much more GREAT news to share with you!!


Maybe you identify with how she felt in the first message.  This story is like hundreds of others, of passionate creative individuals, who have started to numb out, and give up because they don't have the skill set to give themselves the nurturing they really need.  

As powerful creative individuals, we struggle with depression, success, self doubt and overwhelming desire to curl up and die (or at least do nothing for days on end).  

And as powerful creative individuals, we can't afford to be out of the game for weeks on end.  We need quick effective tools to get back to A game, and serve our Communities, our Tribes, and our Destinies.  

That's why I've created this amazing community of like minded entrepreneurs, who are making a difference in the world, and who like you, want to get the most out of their personal development.

I did it right along with you in the video. Had me giggling!! Havn’t missed a day of your 30 second workout… it just gets better….. Yes , I did it for 30 days, as crazy as I felt some days,….., but in the end I learned a new skill…… “Self-Esteem !” Thanks , Gracias, Elena, keep up the good work, and I am passing your message along.... the world is ours !

(In his 70's)
It is becoming natural and easy. I also sneak in kisses during the day – if something was hard, or i need extra support, or something went great – and i give myself a kiss and say I love you. And giggle. And feel a lot better. 
Rovena Skye
Tantra Teacher
This morning I began to say “I love you” to my self. I also want to say “I love you” to you. Now I call my sister every morning and we check in to see if we did our I Love you’s together !
& her sister in Venezuela
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