The shadows bring your light

When the shadows of your past, Overshadow your future, and you can’t seem to shake them.

Seems like a perfect moment to dive in head first, and show them just how much of a badass gospel warrior of love and light you really are,

And start with loving YOURSELF so much there’s no room for the past to speak worry and fear into your ears anymore.
Oh.. you’ve been doing that.. well then just watch the magic unfold.
Love JoyGasm

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Do you want to feel more joy? More passion? More turned on?

Modern life leaves most people tired, stressed, and without energy for enjoying the good things in life. JoyGasm will teach you to harness the neruo-pathways of your brain to turn your every day life into a source of immense joy, inner peace, and passion.

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Elena Harder. Courage Catalyst, LifeStyle Artist and Joy Hacker. Elena created JoyGasm to heal her experience of postpartum depression, self sabotage, overworking, people pleasing, and an abusive alcoholic relationship. Since then she’s helped hundreds of others meet their JoyGasmic Self to heal broken hearts, remove negative self talk, eliminate stress, fear and depression, and bring immense joy into daily life. Her current personal records for longest standing greeting hug is 22 minutes, longest continuous solo laugh 26 minutes, and longest collaborative laugh at 1 hour 45 minutes!