JoyGasm Manifestation Phase 2 – Action & Allowing

In order to receiving what you’ve been asking for, you have to learn to allow, in this practice, we focus on the desire, creation and allowing of our miracles.

Today is one of the biggest days, because we are getting setup. After this it will just be your daily 2 minute practice, watch the JoyFULL Broadcast, and check in with the group on Facebook with your wins.

What you need to complete:

  • Share your wins by “you’re next’ing people in the Facebook Group,
  • Invite your friends to the next group by sending them to
  • Watch and play along with the second homework video,
  • Make sure you’ve completed and shared with the group your “3 Strategic Actions
  • Check in with the daily JoyFULL broadcast (Live or the Recording). at 7:11 am MST daily for the next 2 weeks.
  • Remember to breathe and smile!

Ton of Love!

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