JoyGasm Manifestation Phase 1 – Gratitude & Gasm

Remember the most important part is your daily two minute practice, and check in with the group on Facebook with your nexts and wins.

A couple of things you’ll need to do to get the most out of this experience.

  • Join the Facebook Group and introduce yourself with your name, and share your homework and your major intention for our time together.
  • Fill out your Life Inventory. (right click to save, they are also available later on this page)
  • From your life inventory, choose your “Major Intention” and make sure you’ve shared it with the group (or with me privately, if you’re shy about it)
  • Remember to breathe and smile!

3 Things you're Grateful for:

Three Grattitudes

Your Homework, print, fill out, and share with the group the following:

Share The Gasm...