What is FoodGasm?

Have you ever wondered why some of us enjoy food while others just shovel it into our mouth? What if we tell you that you used to know how to enjoy food absolutely and that you have forgotten.

Look carefully at those videos or photos of yourself as a kid eating food. One thing you will see is excitement and enjoyment from food at one point and then transition to food becoming tedious. Food becomes necessity which stops us from doing important things such as working, playing, hanging out.

What we do with FoodGasm is we bring back the feeling of eating being the experience by itself not just a barrier on your way to something else.

FoodGasm consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Slow down – do not rush pieces into your mouth like you only have 5 minutes to eat.
  2. Tease – tease yourself or your partner with a piece of food by placing it in front of your mouth but not eating it. Just hold it there for 5-10 seconds and feel the desire to have it, smell it and feel how much you want it.
  3. Bite it – when you have teased yourself enough bite into it slowly and Enjoy The Ride

Some foods are easier to start with than others. Our recommended food list to start with:

  • Watermelon
  • Chocolate
  • Foundue
  • Strawberries
  • Cheese(French)

Demo of FoodGasm

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