JoyGasm 101 +
Love Club Edmonton

Caution: JoyGasm may result in multiple orgasms (male and female)

  • Are you looking to spice up you sex life? What about laughing so hard your face hurts... Every day??
  • Using your sexual energy to magnify your manifestation? Become a superpower wielding healer? How about more vitality and excitement for life? Being able to connect deeply with a partner, lover, or a new friend?
  • Or maybe just looking to practice authentic connection in a safe and consensual manner with others?
"As sexy as you can get with your clothes on! I would recommend it to friends by dragging them here myself!" - Calgary Workshop Participant
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JoyGasm 101 - Clear your Mind, Open Your Heart, Ride the Gasm.

What is a JoyGasm and how can it change your life? JoyGasm is a full body feeling of joy, connection, love, union and pleasure. You'll learn how to access high states of arousal and intimate connection, create shockwaves of pleasure, incredible relaxation, realize that you have the ability to choose JoyGasm in any moment, and open up to a new way of living life.

During this workshop you'll learn the science behind how this works, practice solo, and experience your first JoyGasm. You'll be guided to learn the JoyGasm Series so you can then easily enter deep meditative/trance states, connect and open your heart, activate your sensual energy and anchor the whole experience into muscle memory allowing you return to this pleasurable state whenever you want. JoyGasm will be yours for life.


Love Club - Diving Deeper, Spontaneous Play, Healthy Boundaries

This a 2.5 hour experience is dedicated to playing with JoyGasm and other people. Many of us have pretty strict "rules" about what is and isn't allowed in terms of intimacy between adults. You'll be guided through simple exercises to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, face your fear of rejection, easily invite a deeper connection, and recover from awkwardness. If you're feeling adventurous you'll also get to explore your definition of non-sexual intimacy and push some boundaries of what adults do with their clothes on. Asking and consent is a huge part of the process, and we hold the Love Club Rules super sacred. (see the FAQ for the Love Club Rules)

Please arrive 15 minutes before the Love Club start time.

SEXUALITY CLARIFICATION: All of these events are fully clothed, and there is no explicit sexual touch. All boundaries are respected at all times, and you are encourage to communicate and check in. All of the exercises are optional, and everyone is welcome to participate to their yes YES, and with respect to their own (or relationship) boundaries. If you come single you can practice solo, or with a partner/group. If you are in a relationship, feel free to come with your partner and you can choose to explore as a couple, or join the group.

What People are Saying

Amazing Experience! You HAVE to feel it!

I was surprised at how intense it was the first time the energy was passed to me. I want to do it again!

Awkward at first, and then just complete surrender.

Curiousty – delight – steamy, delicious
Yumminess – blissed out – completely
At home in my own skin/body/heart

I would say, if you want to melt inside yourself you should cum.

Awesome way to be connected to all of us at once!! Facing each other!

Elena, since you took me on that magical walk, life has never been the same. My business is called Constant Creation, I’m always creating new things, since we worked together, it’s gone quantum, and the flow is incredible. You are truly special. Thank you. – L

So many ways to be intimate, both with others and myself.

It’s the Safest Sex EVER!

Since attending your party, I keep finding surprise stashes of (forgotten? Universe-gifted?) cash in pockets. Thanks for reconnecting me with manifestation. Love to you! - A

Thanks for a beautiful ceremony last night you're an inspiration. –D

It was incredible - I am so grateful! It was so nice to feel a sense of community again in Calgary! I love you Mighty Ms Elena! - P

You inspired me today and opened me up to a new facet of my spirit!! That’s never happened before like that. It’s a good thing and I appreciate you!! – T

It took me some courage to ask for help with my sexual energy but my guidance said Elena was the right person to ask. I am glad I did as she was able to in one session awaken the energies of my second chakra and had me feeling more alive then I have felt in awhile. I had really lost touch with this side of myself and now realize it was causing me not to show up fully. She also reminded me how to flirt which has had some exciting results already. 😉 - D

JoyGasm is better with a friend and we love generosity. We know that sometimes it's hard to try new things to help make this easier, we encourage you to bring a friend (or date) and buy your friend their first ticket. Please share this with someone you think would benefit or enjoy this event! Word of mouth is the best! JoyGasm.me/events


  • Please Arrive at 15 minutes prior to start time.  6:15 for JoyGasm 101,  8:15 for Love Club
  • We will be sitting on the floor (some chairs available), please bring a pillow, backjack, yoga mat or nest to your preference.
  • Bring Water.
  • You may want to bring a journal and pen to record your thoughts.


Do I just buy an online ticket and show up?

Buy a ticket online that way your space is reserved. You can buy a ticket at the door, but online registration is encouraged.

I'm curious about JoyGasm/Love Club. And scared! What is the expectation?

It's completely normal to be scared. The expectation is that you show up, and say yes to the exercises that excite you, and no to anything that you're not wanting to do.

What if I feel uncomfortable/vulnerable?

You will probably feel vulnerable, it's true. Vulnerability Hangovers Happen (that feeling of "OMG I just shared SO much, do they still like me?") I'll go over some techniques to deal with that, and I'll be there to help you if you need support.

What if I want more of a connection and exploration?

If you want MORE connection, awesome, you can get it by connecting outside of the event with other people, join the online community, start a coaching experience with me. The event is a great way to sample JoyGasm, and integrating it into daily life is a life changing experience. To join the online community, and stay connected with our journey go to JoyGasm.me/JGM

Is JoyGasm the same as Tantra?
If you ask most Tantric teachers "What is Tantra?" you will usually get an esoteric answer like "Tantra is a spiritual path that integrates body, mind and soul." "It’s a path of deep awareness that embraces pleasure." "A path that weaves together heaven and earth, body and spirit, masculine and feminine."But what does that mean when you apply it to relationships, stress and life? This is where JoyGasm is different.

JoyGasm is all about practical application into life in ways that create radical change. Although JoyGasm uses techniques and concepts that are Tantric, it also calls from many other traditions and techniques, creating something that is practical, radical, and applicable to modern life.

Love Club Rules

1st Rule: “You must talk about Love Club”
2nd Rule: “You MUST TALK about Love Club”
3rd Rule: I will speak my truth. It is my most important gift. Yes means YES. Maybe means no. No means no. Feel free to change your mind. If someone says "yellow", goes limp, or taps out the love is ON HOLD.
4th Rule: Stay Connected, Push your Limits Find your true vibe, then play with a partner, triad and more. Play with as many people as you can handle.

5th Rule: Life is a pleasure positive space. We want to hear you, see & feel you. Smash the monkey, show up sexy.

6th Rule: Respect the Relationship Underwear. No touching boobs, butts, genitals or tongues and clothes stay on.

7th Rule: I Practice Radical Self Expression. Vulnerability, orgasm, tears, laughter, silence and, sorrow, rage, and anger are welcome here. When it goes away it comes back better.

8th Rule: If this is your first night at LOVE CLUB you must be the center of a Virgin Love Triangle!

Feeling completely loved up and blissed out. – A

A blissful night Thank you Elena another wonderful full moon ceremony, and thank you to all beautiful souls who share your loving energy much love - E

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