JoyGasm Live Demo

If you’ve been hearing about JoyGasm, but not yet experienced it, If you’re sensitive to energy, but don’t yet play with it in a sexy way, If you’re feeling stuck and want to create magic, miracles, and take your manifestation to the NEXT level

This is the experience for you.

Many of us are being called to heal our creative and sexual energy, so that we can move into really living Heaven on Earth.  JoyGasm does this in an accessible, loving, hands free way! 🙂

Come with your questions, and an open heart. We’ll show you what it’s all about, demo the technique, let you experience “riding the wave”, and answer any questions you may have about the Manifestation group, or JoyGasm in general.

Broadcasts LIVE June 22nd

11:11 am and 11:11pm

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