The World Needs
Your Sacred Story 

Make 2017 the year
you got out of your own way
and let your voice be heard. 

The year you claimed
your "I AM worthy" and
changed the world.


When you share through our community:

  • We do a 45 minute jam packed interview, and turn it into an eCourse. 
  • It's done for you. We cut, edit and upload your interview to our School.  
  • Our School of JoyGasm audience will help you reach more of your people.
  • It's easy to share, we've got pre written posts for email and social media.
  • Inspire others to heal their wounds and make the change for good.
  • Join our community to support our collective journey of awakening.

Expectations and Costs

We will promote and share your course.  You are expected to do the same. 
There is no cost to you to create your course.  We share profits 50/50 from direct course sales.
Payments are made via PayPal and fees will be deducted from earnings to cover platform costs. 
We sell courses on a per course basis, or as an all inclusive monthly membership.  

We are happy to create additional courses with you, on the same model.
When we link to your external site/products, an affiliate percentage is appreciated.

Before the Call You Will Need To: 

  • Submit Your Bio, eCourse topic, headshot and 3+ testimonials.
  • Provide (affiliate) links to your offers, free or paid courses. 
  • Download the "Promo Pack" and start promoting your upcoming course

Submit Your Course Now

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What is the specific focus of the course? What problem are we solving for them?
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Are there any specific questions or topics you would like to discuss/avoid?
What are the three biggest pain points of people who would love your course?
What are the three biggest results this course will provide?
Testimonials - Please provide links to a page, and/or copy/paste them here. With photos is better!
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Ready to Create Your Life Changing eCourse?

Technical Logistics

  • Please go to to download zoom.  
  • Click the link at our call time.
  • Backup contact method is Skype: Elena.harder42  
or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,
Meeting ID: 899 603 9910
International numbers available

The Day Of Our Call

  • Make sure your lighting and camera background are clean (and authentic).
  • Use a professional mic or iPhone headphones for audio recording quality.
  • Share about your our call and excitement on social media before the call.
  • Overview the "Transformation Journey" outline
  • I will record the call and provide link to the course when completed.
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