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It took me some courage to ask for help with my sexual energy

It took me some courage to ask for help with my sexual energy, but my guidance said Elena was the right person to ask. I am glad I did as she was able to in one session awaken the energies of my second chakra and had me feeling more alive then I have felt in awhile. I had really lost touch with this side of myself and now realize it was causing me not to show up fully. She also reminded me how to flirt which has had some exciting results already. 😉 I look forward to my next session and in the meantime will be enjoying my homework!! <3 -       Daemond

highly recommend it to anyone who would like to reach higher levels of consciousness

Elena and Maxim are really great facilitators and truly focus on participants. The class is all about experiencing higher levels of joy through a series of steps and techniques. It is also about amplifying the joy you are already experiencing within you, and the group setting makes it easier to achieve it. I definitely got a lot out of this class in a very short workshop and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to reach higher levels of consciousness and know themselves more.

-Amir G

This practice is life changing. It’s a pleasure and honour to have met you.

Your system of Tantra/Sex Magic is clearly just what I have been looking for. Colors seem brighter, I’m less self conscious and gaining confidence by the minute. I’m growing emotionally. I’m growin up on the inside.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You are the most lovely person I have ever met. Your love is strong, yet it is compassionate and soft. Your openness is what I need and want. You have a special place reserved in my heart.

Thank you for working out some of my problems with me. I’ve seen counsellors, therapists and psychologists… None have been able to do what you have done for me. I’ve worked very hard to improve… Now I finally feel like
I can kick back and enjoy life.

The next session I’m SO looking forward to. I can feel the progress between each week. You are a fabulous superstar!

I just finished watching your sorrow instructional video. You really go all out. The video is so personal because you developed the material when you were in a low point in your life. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. I find it endearing you have turned your depression and sorrow into a way of sharing and caring for others. It’s inspiring to know you overcame the odds. I’m glad you are sharing Magic Hands with me.

About the dude tail gating me. As soon as I realized I could change my state of mind at will I went straight into positive. This all happened moments before I pulled in to do the public speaking. I went into it with a real positive attitude, and this would never have happened without you teaching me The driving game.

You’re providing a valuable service and I am greatful.

The workshop was extremely helpful and I can see positive changes in my career. Anyway, traffic was bad and I didn’t plan my route very well so ended up getting stressed out. When I got home, I did your excercises and I feel so much better!

You really are on top of your game. It’s still shocking to me how fast 2 minutes goes by. Magic Hands helps me be fully present whereas during a 15 minute meditation I will rise and fall into awareness.

The Next Big Thing

The first time I watched this video, I was in Peru on vacation. I watched the first few minutes, just enough to get a taste for the technique, and then ran outside. I practiced for an hour – much longer than Elena suggests in this video – while playing in the waves, and then stopped to watch the sunset. I’d had fun practicing and didn’t expect anything more, but as the sun sank into the sea, I spontaneously had twenty-five to thirty of what Urban Tantra author Barbara Carrellas calls blissgasms, “bites of bliss that start at your tailbone and wiggle their way up your spine until they explode like little sparklers in your brain”.

Yes, you read that right. Twenty-five to thirty energy orgasms in a row, hands free, without a lover present. It was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. I think Elena’s work is the next big thing.

Layla Messner of