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Gentle Kick in the Arse

Dear Beloved, 

We’re here to tell you it’s time to Fuck the old ways and fuck the old stories that you say “I can’t escape from” 
You know better than that. Your whole body is renewed every 4 days,

You’ve seen your world dramatically change of the better overnight,

And you’ve seen yourself as the cause of miracles.

We know you like to play the “I’m small and powerless game” sometimes, but seriously, enough is enough.

What do you want from your life? 
OH… we see… you feel like you’ve said it a thousand times?

Well how about a thousand times a day, and put your emotions, heart and soul into it while you do it. (It’s only 10 Malah’s worth of prayers while prancing around the pool after all!) And let’s not forget taking some badass action to show up loud, proud and powerful while you’re at it.
Have you been doing that? No. Hmmm.. well that might explain your shit attitude, and lack of results. Not that we’re trying to be mean, but we’ve been watching and you OBVIOUSLY need a kick in the butt.
Consider your butt kicked.
Love JoyGasm

Choose it ALL 

Dear Beloved, Freedom to choose means,You can choose love, and peace and hope

AFTER you’ve expressed the F*CK out of your Rage, Sorrow and Pain.

Because they all need voice. 

And liberation is in finding your heart 

Is one who loves ALL of it. 

No matter what. 
Love you! 


the dream like quality

Dear Beloved,

As your life becomes more and more aligned with what you dreamed. You may notice, that the dream like quality. The “I’m not sure if this is reality” becomes stronger and stronger. This is a perfectly normal part of the process, and you are welcome to enjoy the ride, knowing that you are ALWAYS taken care of, and any adveristy you see around you, is simply a reminder of how powerful of a creator you are, to convince yourself that this dream is real, and that the fear and scarcity are your biggest teachers.

Love love love to you on the journey.


Courage creates Miracles

Your courage to face your fears and your most difficult conversations,

Is what makes life so willing to show up and offer you what you desire,

Like making love in the afternoon because you can, rainbows when you don’t expect them, and dance parties with laughing naked kids.
All of these are signs (just as much as the money showing up) that you are completely and utterly ON YOUR PATH in the PERFECT PLACE right now. So celebrate, and love it up.  

Love, JoyGasm

In the face of fear… remember your goal.

Stay strong. Remember where you are going. 

Say I love you to the challenges, and take their power to give you strength. Strength you need to be your highest self, and power yourself forward. In each moment you have a choice to choose awakening, or choose fear. Awaken Beloved, your fear is calling to you transcend your old patterns, and to become the one you’ve dreamed for yourself, even before you remembered you could dream.

Love JoyGasm

Trust the Magic.. for you are loved.

When you trust the magic, it shows you how much you are loved.
Then, and only then, can you really experience what life is for.

To dance, and love, and be cared, and receive exactly what you need.

Whether it’s from people you’ve known for years, or from strangers you met in the street tonight. Either or. Your needs, and every request are yours for the experiencing. YES life can be like this. So YES. Trust in the magic. Love JoyGasm

I asked for your grace

Dear Beloved.

You forgave me when I forgot.
You held me when I sobbed.
Your hand on my face, lifted me to find the light again.

I asked for your grace,
and here you are, now. Before me.

I am so greatfull for your love, and so blessed to be here with you.

In deep and undivided love.


love club angel