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The shadows bring your light

When the shadows of your past, Overshadow your future, and you can’t seem to shake them.

Seems like a perfect moment to dive in head first, and show them just how much of a badass gospel warrior of love and light you really are,

And start with loving YOURSELF so much there’s no room for the past to speak worry and fear into your ears anymore.
Oh.. you’ve been doing that.. well then just watch the magic unfold.
Love JoyGasm

The reality of Illusion. 

Whatever you see in front of you.It is complete illusion, and by that we mean, insofar as that all matter, all of life is a pulsating, gyrating, life birthing, organism of change and dynamic flow. And you’ve labeled it “chair”, “desk”, “home”, “office”, “iPad”, “boyfriend”, “mom”, “my asshole ex” or whatever you may call it.

The illusion lays in the label. For when you label it, you make it static, and the illusion of unchanging-ness covers the truth of the dynamic nature and flow of all of it. “Boyfriend” can be come “asshole ex” just as fast as you snap your fingers, or vis versa. But for simplicity’s sake, we understand your labelling, and even agree it makes life easier, as long as you remember, that at the heart of it all, the way you feel about all of it, lays within your heart, not the labels, not the behaviours, and not the perceived actions, inactions, words or silences of these things you have labeled. The power to unravel the illusion, comes from feeling the essence below all of it, which is our natural impulse towards love.

Even on days when that love seems impossible, the drive is still there.

Love US

You will always be cared for

Whatever happens, know that we’ve got your backYou will always have companionship, you will always have love

You will always be cared for, by this god from above. 

Something hidden and revealed, is a blessing in disguise,

A moment to see what is hidden inside.

Let him go, to his torment, his pleasure, his pain.

Let him go and let him suffer, so he can conquer his game.

Whether you find it all together, let it all go by the way.

Tomorrows another bright shining day. 

Love Elena 

Give Yourself Freedom 

Dear Beloved, Freedom to be yourself, is your most blessed gift.

And believe it or not, you give it to yourself. 

No one can stop you or make you not be you.

The only way that can happen, is when YOU clamp down.  

And stop showing up as you. 
It’s not done to you. Simply by you.

So the cool thing about this is…

You have the ability to give yourself freedom at any time as well. 
To rock up with your mis-matched socks,

And your bright pink hair, and say…

“I love me just the way I am” 

You can too. 


Giggling at the beauty of the water 

Dear Beloved, 

When the tides turn, and all that you have asked for comes flooding towards you in the most spectacular way.

Will you run away from it, screaming about getting your feet wet?

Or will you dance in the crashing waves, giggling at the beauty of the water all around you? 
We certainly hope it’s the second one, because there’s a tsunami (a totally safe and perfectly controlled in just the right amount you can handle it arriving all at once but really in perfect timing kind of tsunami)

There’s a tsunami of everything you want, (and have wanted) coming your way… 
And we wanted to give you early warning..

That if you don’t remember to dance in the waves…

it could feel overwhelming.. and almost like *Not* what you wanted.

Which would be a little bit like running scared from everything you ever dreamed of. And you know better than that by now…

Don’t you?
Love JoyGasm
Ps. If you haven’t already started doing I LOVE YOU’s Daily… you should probably start, because 2017 is going to be the year they said “she took life by the hot seat, and sat on it” … in ALL the history books. Because in 2017 you’re that hot. For real.

It hurts so much to try, try, try, try… TRY

Dear Beloved,
The reason it hurts so much to try, try, try, try… TRY
and have it not work, is because deep down, you know how epic it’s going to be when it does. Believing it this power, the one where it’s already done, all included, all set up for you and aligned, this power will give you the strength to keep going, even thought it seems hard. But there’s a secret. It will only give you the strength, if you beleive in it. Otherwise it’s a giant heaping pile of “oh shit I can’t” flowing the wrong way from a really really powerful future self that you’re going to LOVE being.

So.. You’ve got to get in the joy, find your flow, face the demons, and keep on trucking towards your dream.

We know you have it in you, and we beleive in you on the worst of days.

Love JoyGasm

PS. Yes, even when you pout and grump and treat us like we’re not here to help. The pain makes you wake up, and you know it. That’s why we know you’ve got what it takes to make it work.

PPS. If you haven’t already.. try this, it helps.

Smile baby smile! 

You are so beautiful when you smile,Especially when that smile radiates out from your eyes,

And touches your heart, which of course touches mine,

Which lights up the whole world as far as we can see.

That kind of smile, we love from you,

And we love to bring you things,

That make you smile just 

Like that.



A love note to inner peace. 

Dear Beloved,
When the shift comes, and love rearranges the molecules of your heart, and lets you know that you’re truly okay. When you’re seen in just the right way to let your guard down (that much more!), and let it ALL settle in… That for real… you’re worthy. For real… you’re the shit! For real… you make someone’s world alight and align, and all you have to do is not throw a hissy fit. And even THEN they love you, even when you do. That’s a moment to take a deep breath, and remember “I deserve this too.”
I release the past, the future and the present. I surrender to the moment, inside, and unpleasant. I let myself go, to the feeling inside, let it all flow. There’s nothing to hide. I face it dead on. I love myself through. No matter what patterns of the past, and fear try to do. I love myself fiercely and truthfully too. I follow my path, and my heart, and my feet… How about you?
What changes must happen? For your life to align… if the vision I’ve set seems so different than thine? The words that we speak, they don’t come from here, they come from the collective, OUR words, if I dare.

Our culture is growing, our community strong. We stand undivided over rivers, lakes, and songs. We unite our proud voices, giving rise to the shift. Not longer content with the cultural drift. We’ve all seen it happen, sometimes through misery, or surrounded by song, another Awakens, and starts singing along. It’s changing faster now, and those of us who, have been here a while, well we have more work to do! To button our hats, and show them the way. How to a live amidst chaos, with bliss inside…. everyday.
As Chiron squares Venus, the stars are aligned. To see the truth of your hurts, the scars in your mind. Our mind telling us lies, makes for pain in our hearts. Now let go of those moments.. just as quick as it starts. (These moments of pain, coming up to bite you in the ass when you’re right on the edge. You might want to curse them… but then you remember instead..) You’ve got years of history turning stardust into mystery, pain in to pleasure, and hurtful words into love’s unending refrain. These moments no different. Just do the same.
You came here with reason, to create something new, something way beyond what you knew how to do. You came here to become a master. A great beautiful disaster. Turned into a masterpiece in community, a group of people who will set your heart free.. A master.. a master… a great beautiful disaster… And the longer you put it into the future, the longer it’s going to take for you to realize that you were BORN a master. Born a god and goddess, born love incarnate, and you’ve simply forgotten along the way. You’re already, in so many ways.. a master. Not by changing a single thing about you, but by simply turning your attention, (In that special way that only you do) Just by simply turning your attention, moment by moment towards love that’s true. You deserve it Beloved. Will you claim it for you?

I do.
Love JoyGasm

Feel like you are failing?

Dear Beloved,

In space and time, you might feel like you are failing, slow, behind, or sucking in some way.
And if you’re giving power to that, we recognize that it’s real FOR YOU in your experience.

But try on our way of looking at it.
You’re always in the perfect space, so if you happened to get your face smashed in,
it’s so that 4 years from now you get to be the life of the party,
telling the story of how you made it through, and got to be the hero of the day.

Yes. It’s a bit twisted, but when you look at it our way,
atleast it has a silver lining. Bwahahaha

Love JoyGasm

Keep Rocking

Dear Beloved,

You rock. Rock and roll, rock and stroll, rock and on a freaking roll. 

Keep going. Keep rolling, keep growing.  

That is all you ever need to do.

Love JoyGasm

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