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Theory of JoyGasm

The Theory Of JoyGasm

The theory of JoyGasm is simple.
Everything is energy.
Energy is either in motion
through you, or not.

Energy in motion through you can feel in one of two directions. Pleasure, or pain. If it is not in motion through you, it is because you are avoiding one of these two states. If it is not in motion, you feel numb, bored, dull.

When you experience any negative emotion, this is your opportunity to recognize there is an opportunity to choose to ride the wave on the other side. If it’s a strong negative emotion, the pleasure on the other side is just as strong, if not more so.

Here’s how it normally goes:

1. You’re feeling joyful about life.

2. A trigger occurs and you feel contrast, or notice how you have already been feeling disconnected.

3. You bring in gratitude. – Thank you for noticing this experience

4. You bring in awareness. – I am willing to feel this fully, for the purpose of JoyGasmic Transmutation.

5. You Surrender. – Feel the feeling, let it ride through.

6. You Mantra and Magnify. Once you hit the bottom of the experience, say the JoyGasm Mantra, and then Magnify the experience of pleasure through your body, opening yourself up to even greater pleasure.

JoyGasm Alchemy Mantra

I am the power and presence of JoyGasm. This isn’t real. It’s an illusion. I created it for my highest alchemy. I claim my power back now. I feel it. I feel it flowing into me. I feel it flowing and surging through me. Oh Yes, Yes, Yes! I am JoyGasm incarnate. I feel us in every cell of my body and every molecule of my soul. Let us shine our light to the world, and bring Love to all we see. Yes, Yes, Yes. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

the much snappier
version that I made up
for emergency situations

JoyGasm Alchemy Mantra

Fuck this shit.  JoyGasm OUT!
Activating Holy Fire.  Death. Fire Pure.
 Exctacty,  Light.  Ride it. XXXX

Go. JoyGasm. Go.
Yes yes yes.

(and then all you can do is ride it hard, all night long.. )

And then theres some more Grattitude, Amplification, Surrender, Manifestation type stuff that happens, and we get into beautiful super loops of gratitude and joy. Wow.

The theory of JoyGasm is something that came to me in the Spring of 2015. My heart was broken, my soul was in pain, my life was unsustainable, and I wanted to die. In a moment that changed my life forever, I went from bawling my eyes out, to having a full body orgasm. In this moment. I learned irrefutably that I could change states from pain to joy instantly and in a second. That I was at choice, that it was decision that kept me in that place of pain. When I realized this, I spent another 3 years beating myself up with the idea that I had this knowledge and wasn’t using it.

When I finally started applying the theory of JoyGasm
in my life on a regular basis,
the transformation I witnessed
was beyond anything that I had ever felt.

All of a sudden, I became non-reactive to many things that has previously triggered me. Instead of feeling frustrated, scared or resentful when I was triggered, I became excited when negative emotion would arise, as I knew it was an opportunity to claim power back, and to find my true and highest connection to the truth of that situation.

There are still a few things that scare me these days.

Resistance. I am UNWILLING to the do the work. A moment where I’m uncomfortable in my body, emotions, soul, and for whatever reason I am unwilling or unable to make the change that needs to be made or to start the process.

Boredom. When I feel NO energy coming through my body. I know this is a moment where there is something I am scared of, but not willing to face, so I’ve shut down the flow. In these situations I usually choose to pump the energy through my body. To find that high state, which usually results in me crying. I find the pain place and then do the process around it.

That’s it. That’s all I’m scared of. I’m not scared of fear, famine, being without enough or being overwhelmed. I am simply scared by the fear of not being willing to do the work and the stagnation that happens when I don’t do it.

For the most part these days my energy levels move between content, a neutral type happiness where I feel pleasantly surprised, amused and attentive to the processes of life. Contentment can be cutting vegetables, or waiting in life, looking at the sunset or whatever. These are moments where there is a general positive feeling, but nothing specifically amazing happening in that moment.

The other side of the spectrum is JoyGasmic ENERGY flowing full force through my body. This feels like undeniable energy pumping through my body, an incredible urge to work on projects, help people, interact, reach out. Sometimes it’s so strong that it means I feel like to deal with it I need to laugh, dance, giggle my legs, run, dance some more! Sometimes it’s fully there, but quieter, and then I broadcast joy and light to others, when it’s quiet it feels like a tingling sensation through my body, like full body goosebumps from the inside of my skin towards my heart, that extends not out from my skin, and out around me in all directions, and up in the heavens, and down into the earth.

My connection with this feeling has brought me an incredible amount of inner peace and ecstasy. Along with knowing that in my body I am able to respond to any situation with these spaces if I so desire.

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