How do you truly heal
from the worst thing that's ever happened to you? 


Sharing her real life journey with vulnerability and humor, Elena offers "what actually worked" to help her find the strength and the courage to heal from co-dependance, sexual self abuse, and the fear of being alone, all while traveling the world as a single mompreneur.  

This book is a powerful, raw exploration of the shadow of western culture, exploring the "failed nuclear family", the crushing reality of financial hardship single mothers face, the repression of our healthy sexuality, the newest discoveries in  mental health recovery, and how we are creating a new way. 

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This Book Will Rock Your Beliefs About:

  • Healing from Depression, with no pills, no psychatrists, no bullshit.  Simple techniques that even your depressed and lethargic self can use  to create joy, power, and purpose in a life that seems hopeless, dark, and like a never ending groundhog day of suffering. 
  • Maximize the Pleasure your body is able to feel, and learn how to be able to turn up, and down the intensity of your emotions, and create more of the emotions that bring on huge pleasure and magical coinsidences. 
  • Tips, Tricks & Tools: to shut your brain the f*ck up, turn pain into joy, heartbreak into opportunity, and stress into a source of power. Discovering your truth, how to speak that truth, heal relationships and create healthy boundaries with people who used to walk all over you. 
  • Creating the Future: I'm on a mission to empower people to claim their power in life, master their emotions, and live their JoyGasm.  I'm also creating space for single mom's and families to live the life of their dreams, travel and build international community.  Get on the step-by-step path so you can experience freedom like never before.


"The JoyGasmic Life" Companion Courses
JoyGasm: Radical Self Love & Escape The Matrix 

In preparation for the book, Elena has created TWO exclusive new courses: ‘JoyGasm: Radical Self Love’ which teaches you how to become a joyful ball of goodness in all areas of your life, and creating life exactly how you desire it, and Escape The Matrix, a powerful insight into setting your mind free from the shackles of the culture you were born into.

Learn the secret behind living a truly joyful and destiny driven life by design. Discover how you can maintain a balance across all 8 areas from health to wealth, spirituality to new experiences, career to family and community life and how to create a step-by-step roadmap to success and living life on your own terms.

The JoyGasmic Life does not have a price because it is not available anywhere else. The lessons within, however, are invaluable. And you will get access to it when you order your copy of this book.

The course includes:
  • 4 Weeks of courses taught by Elena Harder herself.
  • Daily Hacks and Exercises you can use to ensure the teachings stay with you long after the course is complete.
  • Instant Access to your community of likeminded individuals.
  • Heal through Sharing Share your #metoo story through the anonymous online portal. 
  • Exclusive Content not available anywhere else, to anyone else.
  • Powerful Brain Training Tracks - Some of the most powerful experiences from this story are audios.  So we've included dozens of tracks that are only accessible to members. 

The JoyGasmic Life will take you through a journey to heal your heart, brain, and body from the pain of feeling alone, and creating your own life in a way that makes you truly happy. 

Be a Part of the Creation

To make this book of as much service to women who are suffering from heartbreak, victim midset, or depression I'm releasing chapters as they get written, asking for your questions, feedback and input.  Get advance access by putting your name and email below. 

What People Are Saying

Mairiam Nour

I read and I loved it Elena and you have inspired me much more than u could ever imagine! Even More profoundly, you've answered a question I've pondered about myself for many years now.. I understand now the power of opening my heart always again and again despite all the pain.. it's for me, not for anyone else!

The power of raw, honest, vulnerability is far greater than we give it credit. Keep sharing Elena, please!!!! Xoxox

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