Gasm The Fear

Elena's point of view.
Maxim's point of view

We've lined up our flights, an early afternoon train, a day in Barcelona, staying up too late in the airport and then a 6:20am flight to our next destination. Morocco. Home of Tajine, Hummus, markets for days, and blessed 20 degree weather in the middle of the cold European winter. Life feels like a dream, and it is.

But then… I go to get our passport to book the flights, and when I pull open our passport wallet, it's not there. My passport is missing. My brain searches, as I run around the house looking for it. It's straight out of a nightmare.

My mind whirs with worry, anxiety, fear, panic. WHERE IS IT?!?!?! I start running worst case scenarios. I can't leave the country, my visa will expire, I'm going to be deported. I can't travel anywhere. Oh I'll just got get a new one in Barcelona.. But wait.. I can't. Because. I'm about to use my last $400 to book an apartment for next month in Morocco. I'm putting the flights on my credit card, counting on my next payment from my client to come in before the bill is due. It usually works out.

But now I have to spend 2 days, maybe a week or more in Barcelona getting my passport sorted. I don't have the extra $300 in AirBnB places for that long, never mind food, transport, changed flights etc. What am I going to do?

This is the reality of it. After 9 years of traveling the world with various amounts of cash, Max and I are now sitting to the south of Spain and living month to month. We've got to be out of the country in 32 days, and need to get airfare and first months rent in our next place. None of which we have cash for in our bank accounts. Life traveling the world isn't all it's cracked up to be when you're addicted to travel and can't seem to break through into abundance sharing your JoyGasmic passion in the world.

It's a make or break kind of moment, and after we find the passports, a huge conversation comes to light. Do we want to go to Morocco, or would Moscow to his parent's place be a much wiser, saner, more financially stable decision?

I am looking at my budget and the only thing I see is 73EUR left for November after all the travel expenses and rent for one month(Nov-Dec). Which means we need to double our income before we go to Morocco to be able to rent a place in December. It's a challenge which we are putting in front of ourselves. We cut all unnecessary expenses(like eating out once a week), cancel all non business related services and get ready to GASM it!

At the end of the day, after crunching the numbers, we choose in favor of Morocco. Adventure, passion, instability, uncertainty, and excitement lead the way. With an "in case shit" backup plan of "lets set aside $400 as soon as we can so we can at least fly ourselves to Moscow"… and then back to the parents house.

So we choose the more adventurous path and we ask ourselves. 

What does it take to face your fears? To make lasting change and become a brand new person? To live the life we've been dreaming of?

Or to recover after a financial setback like spending all your money chasing a girl who doesn't love you across the world? Or continuing to travel while filing bankruptcy?

Some would say it's sheer courage, a good coach, or a team that has your back that will make it or break it.

We say it's a whole process. We looked over what we've done to make lasting change in our lives and realized that you've got to have a half dozen practices in place to really shift and stay shifted. All of them take less than 30 minutes per day, and we're going to rock it.

We're creating a plan, a method, and throwing a lot of madness behind it. It's time for change, and we plan to ride the Gasm through all the fear, and take us to the other side.

We want you to join us. To experience what a life on the edge, lived to the fullest looks like.
We are committing to showing up every day in GASM live on Facebook for at least 5 minutes. To be of service to the evolution of our tribe, by being vulnerable and sharing our excitements, triumphs, fears and insecurity's with vulnerability and authenticity. To invite, invite, invite people to join the JoyGasm Online course (it's free and you can sign up at

Most importantly, we are committing to transmute on a personal level, all the fear, that stands in our way of becoming the people we've been dreaming of for years.

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Elena Harder. Courage Catalyst, LifeStyle Artist and Joy Hacker. Elena created JoyGasm to heal her experience of postpartum depression, self sabotage, overworking, people pleasing, and an abusive alcoholic relationship. Since then she’s helped hundreds of others meet their JoyGasmic Self to heal broken hearts, remove negative self talk, eliminate stress, fear and depression, and bring immense joy into daily life. Her current personal records for longest standing greeting hug is 22 minutes, longest continuous solo laugh 26 minutes, and longest collaborative laugh at 1 hour 45 minutes!