Love the System

Love the system. The system is designed by people older than you.
To replace your creativity, with obedience,

To replace your love, with fear,
To consume your heart with terror
To train you to find solace in the bottom of a beer,
Or an empty potato chip can, or an empty wallet,
Or a closet full of shit you never wear,
And a credit card overdrawn 2x more than you make in a year.
Fuck the system, its wants you cow-towed,
Bent in half with your back broken, just to serve the golden cow of commerce.
Fuck the system, you are made for more than this.
You are made for adventures by the sea,
Long moments basking in the sun under a bridge,
Building endless castles and destroying them like monsters with small children,

Entering dreamlands of imagination, and sharing every detail of it with your friends,
until this new world, seems as real around you as what you can see with your eyes today.
The new model, the non-system, wants you to be a unique caterpillar,

Unique butterfly, unique uni-porn-i-kitten
with an iPhone shoved up your ass
in the toilet if that’s what gets you off.

The non-system, wants you flying high as a kite,
expertly landing business deals rocking your unique purpose that only you can teach.

The non-system, wants you sharing your heart, and your emotions.

Wants you standing in the middle of the subway with tears streaming down your cheeks, surrounded by 10 strangers who heard your cry and came running to hug you.

The non-system wants you begging for more,
believing in your worthiness,
triumphant in our collective heritage as human beings.

The non-system wants you expressing yourself freely, sharing with others, offering your best, and loving everyone else who says… “you could never do anything but make a mess.”

So fuck the system, it’s a digital, incrimination, elimination, regurgitation system. We’ve moved beyond the school white walls, the endless empty halls, waiting to raise our hand to pee in the bathroom covered in graffiti that says “burnin’ niggas tonight”.

This is a system where we all feel equal,
where we unite the people,

Black, white, green, drag queen, super clean, nerdy was-been and everything in between. It’s time to show our voice, stand up for the right choices, and be our own heroes. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and it’s TIME.. to stand up and ROAR.. to Soar! We know what we are fighting for. Let’s not break down the system, but rise above the need for condemnation, let’s rise up and shout, “are you listening?” “There is a better way, if you just open your eyes, you’ll see, the world is okay.” People love each other, they care, they feel feelings, their lives have meaning. Don’t listen to what the TV tells you, it’s job is to lie and keep you occupied. Occupy your mind. Occupy your heart, and occupy your soul. We don’t need all these machines and gadgets and toys to be happy, just a house with our family, our friends.. and for some, a clean nappy.
So stand tall, cross the track, let go of the fight, so it don’t fight you back. Today, and tomorrow.. make a new friend. Fight the prejudice, and bring racism, to an end.

Ps. If anyone knows a production house, rapper, or musician who wants to turn this into a video, I got the whole visual montage along with the text, and would LOVE to co-create.  Love E

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