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The Very First Officially Published Love Letter

2013-12-06 11.12.57

Hey Guys. If you stumbled upon this letter, it’s the very first one I’ve put out into the world in this way. I’ve been writing a daily love letter since October 2012. It’s taken me till December 2013 to get over myself and feel confident enough to share them.

Thank you to my friends who encouraged me to share.

If you’d like to get them daily, feel free to sign up at and share with your friends!

You are an inspiration.

You are an inspiration. I will admit I’m not doing the 30 days of love, but I’m following my friend and her journey doing it and seeing yours, and it’s very inspiring! I’d love to get to know you better – Laura

I read your posts everyday and they are helping so much

I just want to connect to say thanks for your daily inspirations and positiveness. I’m going thru a tough time at the moment, my partner and I are splitting up and I keep remembering you and what u went thru and Alex too and I wonder how u are? I know you are a super strong and vibrant woman and now I want that for myself too and u are a muse for me, thank you. I read your posts everyday and they are helping so much…xo g

I learned a new skill… Self-Esteem!

Yes , I did it, as crazy as I felt some days,….., but in the end I learned a new skill…… “Self-Esteem !” Thanks, Gracias, Elena, keep up the good work, and I am passing your message along…….. the world is yours ! Ours ! – Barney (In his 70’s)

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