WARNING: Side Effects May Include

Spontaneous laughter, taking life less seriously,
An ability to have fun, while experiencing increased enjoyment of current activities,
Increased focus, productivity, and enjoyment of work,
An expanded definition and experience of orgasm and quicker access to full body pleasure,
Increase in intensity, length and pleasurable experience of orgasms
Profound euphoria, insight, awkening or enlightenment,
Forgiveness towards past traumas, lingering resentments, heartbreaks, and betrayals.
Increased patience and understanding of others,
Laughing longer, harder and more fully, jokes will seem 10x funnier.
The ability to bounce back faster and faster from the shit storms of life.
Situations that were previously stressful causing you to laugh.

JoyGasm has been known to cure Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Ableism, and Ageism, while removing resentment and judgement.

EXTRA CAUTION: JoyGasm can cause an extended euphoria and intense awareness of the beauty of the present moment.

In simple terms, we teach you how to shut your monkey mind the heck up, and focus on what feels good.  So good!  So incredibly good that it feels like you are basking in the sweet glow of the most amazing orgasm you've ever had, hands free, and without any physical sexual stimulation.

Because JoyGasm is hands free, and completely at your control, you can choose how you ride the wave.
 It can be loud and twitchy on the outside, or it can be sneaky and quiet on the inside.  

Unlike other personal growth techniques it's fun, feels fantastic, and quick to master.

Soon you'll be having a JoyGasm, while sitting in traffic, waiting at the grocery store, picking your kids up from school, riding the bus, washing the dishes, vacuming the house, or any other mundane and boring task where your brain would be otherwise occupied with thinking nasty and repetative mental chatter.

You'll experience in infinitely expanded capacity for pleasure in the bedroom, longer orgasms and the ability to have sneaky energetic sex (at the in laws house over dinner, with no one even knowing).

Seduce Your Stress

Let me explain what I mean.  In this great TED talk by Kelly McGonigal she says "Stress in it'self isn't harmful, it doesn't inherently create damage in the body.  Knowing this when we look at the stress response as the body getting ready for a challenge, and accept that help, stress becomes our friend"  

At the same time, there are still those moments in life, when bosses yell at you, stinky people hop on the train next to you, someone cuts you off in traffic, you get stuck in YET ANOTHER long lineup, or your two and six year olds have syncronized temper tantrums!  It's pretty stressfulI, and it can be hard to not numb out and or hate them for it. 

We get it!  Modern Life is setup at a breakneck speed.  Most people are so busy, and so used to stress in their lives they don’t even remember HOW TO RELAX, nevermind understanding how stressed their bodies are on a regular basis, and how much being worried about stress is damaging them.  Un-Managed stress has been listed as the #1 cause of physical and mental health breakdown in North America.

You can't escape stress, but you can make it your friend.

As much as you want your boss, co-worker, inlaws, screaming child
or that guy who cut you off in traffic to disapear never to be seen again.
It doesn't work like that. 

There are 1000’s of things every day that cause your stress response to fire, and over time, this builds up and leads to health issues, relationship issues, mental and physical breakdown, anger, road rage, migranes, depression, irritability, insomnia, the list goes on.  Maybe you've been turning to an evening of Netflix, a great bag of Ms. Vickies chips, a couple of glasses of wine, Zoloft, Prozac, Valium, Xanax or a handfull of other perscriptions your well meaning doctor has given you to cover it up, but it doesn't make it any better really.  OR, maybe you could just pack a few more activities in, so there's no time to think, just keep running from one thing to another. 

None of these "solutions" cut to the root of the problem, and some of them put you at serious risk for developing health concerns or addiction issues. Short term it may seem like it works, but in the long run it makes you unhealthy, and you still haven’t dealt with the problem.

It seems kind of hopeless sometimes.

As a busy modern human there are sometimes things you HAVE to do, that you don’t necessarily want to do. Living numbed out to life, and from that place of resistance and resentment and stress is super damaging to your bodies!! So, learning how to shift your emotional state instantly to a more positive one, allows you to continue doing the things you HAVE to do, while feeling way better about it. 

Did you now that when your body is stressed, it releases cortisol, the stress hormone, but also a whole host of other hormones, including your bodies pleasure centers?  Most people live cut off from the real pleasure that our bodies can bring. Using the science of NeruoPlasticity, along with Grattitude, Mindfulness and Imagination, we are able to take stress, and turn it into a pleasure response in your brain, and allow you to enter into that JoyGasmic place at will. 

Basically, you’re training yourself to focus very specifically,
on the pleasure in your body that is already there.

What is JoyGasm About? It’s about creating an easy access portal to pure joy and pleasure. It’s about creating a space where we can switch from pain to pleasure in a moment. It’s about creating a solution for stress, and being able to return to a space of connected beauty to the divine faster and with more power. It’s about using the stresses of life to help us pivot and find more energy. It’s about learning to presence both the positive and negative emotions of life. It’s about being able to choose your emotional state. It's about mindfullness, and positive psychology, and Tantra.  It’s about feeling great about yourself and letting anything less than love go.  It's about having the most fulfilling relationships, the deepest love, the most infinite body tingling, electrifying connection.  It's about being able to connect deeply with others, and saving relationships from the stress of modern life.  

But Seriously.  We know you'll love it (just read some of our testimonials here!) It’s something that you can do every day, and we use our Weapon's of Conscious (aka smartphones) to help us create healthy habits around JoyGasm.  Your reminder that you’re not doing this, is that moment of stress, where something piq’s you in a bad way. You can then acknowledge the stress, relax, and move back into your Gasmic space, allows you to move through the stresses of life with pleasure and ease.  We recommend people start with just our 2 minutes ritual just once a day, that’s a long time to feel fantastic for most people, and you’re always welcome to challenge yourself for another 2, 5, 7, 10, 15 or 90 minute JoyGasm. 🙂

S0 Why JoyGasm VS Traditional Meditation??

So, it's' true that Meditation/Mindfulness has been proven over and over again as one of the most powerful antidepresesants, as a solution to addiction, chronic worry and creating more peace in our lives (Read about the Science Backed Health Benefits Here).

But when you think about mindfullness
it’s good for you, so they say… But BORING

As a busy modern human don’t have 20 minutes to do something you don't enjoy doing.  You'll make any excuse not to.  "I don't have the time" Not having the time will mean you don’t start a practice, or you DO start a practice, and then fall off the bandwagon within about 13 days (congratulations, you're a statistic!).  

We hate boredom as much as you do!  Sitting still is hard.  Quieting your mind is even harder!  We would never ask you to do something as boring as sitting staring at nothing trying to clear your mind of a million things on your to-do list.  But Sex.  Who doesn't love talking and thinking about sex?  So what we love about JoyGasm is that it feels good. REALLY GOOD.  A meditation can be anything, dancing meditation, washing dishes meditation, walking meditation, it’s really just about paying attention.  So we decided to focus on a feeling in our body that feels really good.  That way it's really OBVIOUS when we're doing it right, and some days, we get it SO right.  Best of all, like great wine, it just gets better with time, and as you expand, you can start playing with FoodGasm, MusicGasm, LaughGasm, SoulGasm, and the many many variations of JoyGasm our staff and community have perfected over the years. 

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